PrizeGrand GPT – Watch This Space!

On Dec. 1st, I will be going LIVE with my own GPT site! For those of you new to GPT it will be a great opportunity to get into a new program and to involve new referrals. I’ll be working with a lot of great affiliates to provide members with the best offers anywhere, and the owner of the VERY sucessful site will be helping me get this site off the ground. Keep watching so you can be part of our opening celebration!

GPT Site of the Moment

Bling Elite is my favorite GPT site right now. There is so much to do there, it’s hard to get bored. The owner constantly has contests and special offers going. There are a lot of offers paid in points, but this GPT converts your points to cash.

Optimize Your Browser for Better Credits

There are a few things you need to do to your browser to make it work the best with GPT advertisers. I will give instructions for IE9, Firefox and Chrome. Other browsers you will have to look into.


Click on the orange box in the upper left corner.

Options -> Options -> Advanced -> General -> Systems

Check the box that says “Always check to see if Firefox is the default browser” and click “Check Now”.

Next, click Privacy, and next to “Firefox Will”, click “Use custom settings for history” from the drop down menu.
Click the box next to “Accept Cookies from sites” and the box “Accept Third Party Cookies”. Next to “Keep until”, click “they expire” in the
drop down menu. Click OK at the bottom. Finally, click the Content tab and uncheck the box next to “Block Pop-Up Windows”.

Internet Explorer

Click tools -> Internet Options -> Programs
Check “Make Default” and check the box that says “default” and click OK.

Click Privacy -> Advanced
Check the box next to “Override auto cookie handling”.
Click “Accept First Party Cookies”, “Accept Third Party Cookies” and “Always allow session cookies”, then click OK.

In the Privacy tab, click Default. You do not want a setting higher than Medium, turn off Pop-Up Blocker, and click OK.

Where I’m at today

Update: Tonight, tomorrow and Saturday I will be primarily focusing on Princess GPT. It is my favorite GPT, there are a lot of hot offers right now and their weekly contest (most offers completed) ends Sunday. If you sign up now and email me, I’ll send you my MSN and walk you through completing some offers. Let’s make some money!

Looking to make some money?

I’m currently in the middle of working on this blog so things are not exactly finished. If you are looking to get started making some money today, you can check out the pages at the top to learn about GPT sites.

Keep watching this blog – I will have many more things you can do for money, as well as more GPT information.